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We are Axess Logistics


Axess Logistics is passionate about vehicles and about transporting them. We transport and modify vehicles for resellers. Two jobs we perform with quality and efficiency in equal measure.

Thanks to our tailor-made logistics solutions and unique infrastructure, we are the only company that offers a total logistics solution for vehicles imported to the Scandinavian market. We also offer all-in-one logistics solutions for further distribution of new and used vehicles in Scandinavia and parts of Europe.

Our high capacity, combined with our extensive technical expertise, has led us to become one of the market’s leading vehicle fitters. We know that our customers have different wants and needs, which is why we offer tailor-made solutions such as PDI/PDS (Pre-Delivery Inspection/Services), customer-specific conversions, and installation services for additional equipment. What our customers see as great benefits are all in a day’s work for us.

We are competent, efficient, solution-oriented and innovative. With our focus always set firmly on customer needs, we are with you from first contact to final delivery. With us by your side, you’re always ready.

Axess Logistics wants to be at the cutting edge of tech innovations that are good for our customers, our employees and our overall ambition of being sustainable and helping to reduce CO2 emissions without reducing our quality and efficiency.


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