Our History

Our History

We know the Scandinavian market


Skandiatransport was founded in Halmstad in 1925. After the Second World War, a new department was set up for importing cars to Sweden by rail, as vehicle production from the continent increased.

Scandinavian Motortransport was founded in 1962 and transported 28,000 vehicles that same year. It’s not an exaggeration to say that business boomed, and fast. The following year, 1963, the company transported 280,000 vehicles. In 1972, the company moved to Sydhamnen in Södertälje where Axess Logistics still has a facility to this day.

Autolink AS was established in 2003 after a merger between Drammen Bilhavn A/S and Motortransport A/S. The Port of Drammen has been the hub of vehicle logistics in Norway since 1964.

Autolink has been part of Axess Logistics since 2016. Autolink continues to operate under its own name in other countries.

After strong growth, the three companies, the biggest in the industry, merged. Today, we work together as Axess Logistics.

What makes us unique is the combined experience we have gained during our companies’ long history, our tradition and our cohesion. We are the only vehicle logistics company that can offer Generel agents and resellers a total logistics solution for new vehicles imported to the Scandinavian market. We also offer all-in-one logistics solutions for distribution of new and used vehicles around Scandinavia. We are by your side from start to finish and are the only contact you will need. We’ll take care of everything.

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